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2024 Map, Guidebook and Shuttle Schedule!

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Drink beer for GOOD!

April Brews Day is Bellingham’s biggest and best beer festival, bringing over 4,000 people together to enjoy over 65 PNW craft breweries/cideries, live music, and local food!

This event sells out each year and is an excellent opportunity for businesses to join in the fun and festivities to receive excellent exposure and promotion.

But most importantly, April Brews Day donates all proceeds to support the Max Higbee Center.

Max Higbee Center is a grassroots organization founded by educators and families of people with developmental disabilities who wanted quality recreation opportunities in Whatcom County. Max Higbee, a professor at Western Washington University, spearheaded this movement. The Drop-In Center gained status as a non-profit organization in 1984 and was then renamed in honor of its founder.

Max Higbee Center’s programs offer opportunities for friendship, health, life-long learning, the joy of recreation, and a sense of community and belonging.


Hopefully we answer all of your questions here but please email us at info@aprilbrewsday.org if you don’t find an answer in this collection! Thanks!

Where is April Brews Day this year?2024-04-26T09:48:14-07:00

1145 Granery Ave at Bellingham’s Waterfront Park

How do I get to April Brews Day?2024-04-26T10:00:30-07:00

We have a free shuttle, free bike valet, and a rideshare drop-off location. View Schedule.
Parking will not be available to attendees at Waterfront Park. We highly recommend that events encourage attendees to use alternative parking options in the adjacent areas. Options include the Commercial Street Parking Garage, the Railroad Garage, The Central Lot above Maritime Heritage Park, and the Depot Market Lot.

What time does the event start?2024-04-26T09:42:44-07:00

4:00pm for VIP
5:30pm for General Admission

When does the event end?2024-04-26T09:44:34-07:00

Last call is 8:30pm, last pour is 8:45pm.
Please begin your exit by 9:00pm.

What payment methods are accepted?2024-04-26T09:46:28-07:00

Cash and Credit/Debit are accepted.
Please note: Having cash on hand is recommended as there is no ATM and service can be spotty.

What if I need ADA or other accommodations?2024-04-23T16:00:58-07:00

Our venue offers some wheelchair accessibility, with certain areas featuring ramps and pathways for easier navigation. Accessible parking spaces can be requested with accessible restrooms on site as well. We also offer a quiet “Zen Den” for attendees needing a break or sensory-friendly space.

I’m from out of town. Where should I stay?2024-03-23T03:36:53-07:00

April Brews Day is proud to be a recipient of the City of Bellingham Tourism grant and to have partnerships with local hotels to offer our attendees discounted rates. Book your stay!

What do I get with my general admission ticket?2024-01-15T08:28:57-08:00

Your ticket to April Brews Day gets you in the door with 8 drink tickets and a commemorative April Brews Day 2024 tasting cup.

How about a VIP ticket?2024-01-15T08:29:42-08:00

Your VIP ticket to April Brews Day gets you in the door 90min early with 10 drink tickets and a commemorative April Brews Day 2024 tasting cup.

Can I buy extra tasting tickets?2024-03-23T03:05:32-07:00

Yes! We will have stationary and roving ticket sellers. 3 tickets for $5 or 8 tickets for $10. Credit Cards accepted at stationary ticket counters.

Can I bring a water bottle?2023-04-28T11:18:48-07:00

Yes, you may bring in an empty water bottle and use our free refill stations. Do not bring any outside food or drink.

Can minors enter April Brews Day?2023-04-28T11:18:23-07:00

No, this event is 21+ and ID’s are required at entry.

Is there a smoking section?2024-01-11T16:46:18-08:00

No smoking or vaping will be allowed within the event, but attendees will be able to exit and re-enter the event to smoke.

Are dogs allowed at the event?2024-01-11T16:48:41-08:00

No. Please leave your furry friends at home.

How can I show my favorite breweries and beers some love?2024-01-11T16:54:22-08:00

You will be able to nominate your favorite beer for the People’s Choice award during the event!

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