Join us as an April Brews Day Brewery in 2024

Hello Breweries! We are delighted to invite you to April Brews Day 2024

Help us bring joy and raise funds for the Max Higbee Center by sharing your excellent beer and cider by the bay here in Bellingham, WA. Please review the following information before you submit your application.

Want to pour in 2024?

Thank you for your generosity and support for the Max Higbee Center

Details for All Applicants

  • This event is for craft breweries only.

  • Priority will be given to longstanding supporters/attendees of April Brews Day, Washington State breweries, and those located in the Pacific NW

  • Bring two styles of beer to serve – Full kegs or 2 ponies of each with additional backup.

  • Please note: A keg of beer can be donated in lieu of a registration fee.

  • You must provide and set up your own jockey box or make arrangements ahead of time. If you are relying on a distributor for delivery to the event, you must notify them in advance and confirm for beer delivery.

  • We will send out detailed setup and event timeline information 2 weeks before the event.

For Brewery Staff

  • Please send at least one person to staff your table. If not possible, we can staff the taps with a volunteer.

  • We require that you confirm your server’s MAST training.

  • Please wear a t-shirt or logo that represents your brewery.

  • Our volunteers will collect drink tickets (no exceptions), other support will be provided as needed.